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NR Academy has diversified its portfolio by launching at kottakkal in the year 2012-13 providing coaching for various Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams. The name NR is not just well known, but acknowledged as a landmark on the road to Medical/Engg Entrance coaching, specially IIT-JEE/AIIMS Entrance exams. This trust has been built over 15 years at Kottakkal.The academy is also offering programmes for the students of class VIII to X who appear in Olympiads , NTSE and other foundation programmes

Man learns more from practice than from classrooms. Our teaching experience of two decades in the entrance coaching classes of various coaching centres in Kerala was really eye opening. It gave a clear picture of the strength and weakness and needs of the aspiring students of the present day world, and the shortcomings of the institutions which cater their demands. The venture is a new one, but it is born out of the desire to provide what the students really need. The institution is backed by the experience of teachers who are considered to be the stalwarts in the field of entrance coaching under the hegemonic role of N.R., who mooted the idea of starting a specialist coaching institution for the students who have the earnest desire to achieve and readiness to work hard. Of course,N.R. Academy is meant for serious students.

N.R as every body in the entrance coaching field knows, has a legendary fame in teaching chemistry. With him associate a group of experts in all subjects who have long years of experience. Kottakkal has almost turned into a hub of entrance coaching and this led us to think of establishing our institution in Kottakkal itself as the beacon light to guide the students through the correct path. Uniqueness in purpose and action differentiate N. R. Academy from other institutions of the same kind. We are special and we stand for the students who have clearly identified their goal. The students with discipline, clarity of purpose, and readiness to work hard need never to repent for joining the N.R. Academy because it is the best choice for them. Of course, the maxim we uphold is,’the best coaching for the best students’ and the techniques to turn them into the best lie with us.


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A big endeavour is a slow process. Still we have made all possible things to see that the institution is modeled to suit the purpose we have in mind .With regard to the faculty , learning facilities , motivation , and clarity of purpose we maintain honesty and it is our humble belief that our institution can trigger the process of rolling out top medical and engineering professional of AIIMS and IIT. So the extension of quality education is our mission and we have sufficient infrastructural strength and intellectual acumen to be the leader in the field. We hope that our presence will act as spring board to the younger generation to perform magnificent feats in their later life.


We perceive an institution which help the students to win in their life pursuing the desire they cherish most. Victory goes with those who are persistent in their efforts. Persistence need hard faith and positive attitude behind it. We believe that by relentless and honest pursuance we can transform the institution into an iconic one in the field, as a specialist institution for imparting quality coaching to students for securing admission in the prestigious and covetable professional institutions like AIIMS and IIT .This forms the part of our social commitment of serving the society , as the future of society lies with the young generation.